Tuesday, May 31, 2016

MTC - Week 1

We have heard from Bryn twice since she went in the MTC last Wednesday - the first one was just a super short e-mail to let us know she was okay and then we got a longer e-mail today (Tuesday) with some pictures. So here are her e-mails -

Thursday, May 26
Sorry I didn't have time to e-mail yesterday. But I am safe and busy. I love it here. Yesterday I saw Sister Noelle Lambert, Heather Peterson, Anna Wilson, and Elder Nick Wright that worked at The Store the same time I did. It is awesome to see familiar faces. Tonight we met our branch presidency and I was made a sister training leader for my district. I love my companion and district. LOVE YOU. Sorry I don't have much time. My P-days are Tuesdays.

Tuesday, May 31 
Sorry if I seem a little  stressed in this e-mail...I was BOMBARDED with e-mails! I love getting them just let people know that if I didn't reply I am sorry - I just ran out of time and couldn't reply to everyone's e-mail! (So just pretend that this e-mail was sent to everyone who e-mailed her - and keep e-mailing - and she loves to get regular mail so send a note in the mail - her MTC mailing address is at the top right of this blog!)

I (Bryn's mom) asked her some questions so these are the questions I asked (in green) and her answers - 

Who is your companion - what is her name and where is she from? 
 My companion is Lucy Tayco from Murray. She is great we get along/teach so well together. She took some classes at Murray High School but was mostly home-schooled her whole life. She went to SUU this past year. She is going to Fed Way also. 

How many people are in your district and where are they going?
I LOVE MY DISTRICT. There are 5 Sisters and 4 Elders. One sister actually went home on Friday last week due to anxiety. It was really sad - I loved her so much. Another sister in my zone also went home. It's crazy how many people struggle in the MTC. I feel so blessed because I haven't been homesick at all. I love and miss you all but I love being here and it's where I want to be. So in my district 3 of the Elders are going to Nampa, Idaho and the other one is going to Fed Way. 3 of the sisters including myself are going to Fed Way and the other 2 are going to Salem, Oregon. In my zone there are some Elders going to Washington and they are so nice. But my district is honestly my MTC family. 

What do you have to do as the sister training leader for your district?
Being a sister training leader means we have to work with the district leader and help the other sisters in our district. We also go to branch meetings on Sundays 

How is the food at the MTC?
The food is ight... but they have chocolate milk and diet coke so I am happy about that. 

Did you get the packages from G-ma on Thursday and me on Friday?
Yes I got both packages - thank you  

Do you have an iPad yet and did you get the e-mails we have been sending?
No, I do  not have an iPad so that is a reason I was really stressed when I logged into my email because I have about 20 emails to read. But they have started doing Samsung tablets so I will be probably getting one of those. 

The rest is what Bryn wrote in her e-mail after she answered the questions . . .  

I see so many Elders and Sisters I knew before the MTC it is wonderful to see familiar faces. Sister Wilson and I (they were SBOs together at Cottonwood) actually live three doors down from each other so I see her almost everyday. 

I don't think I have ever learned so much in one week. I honestly can say I love missionary life and serving the Lord. We have started teaching investigators and it is going great. Sister Tayco and I feel the spirit so strong and we know the investigators do also. Guess what??? I am in the MTC CHOIR - but so are 600 other missionaries. We are learning a song titled One By One written by Elder Bednar. We are singing with some of his grandchildren not this week but next. So can you tell who might be speaking? I am PUMPED! 

Some of the things I have learned so far are
- How to teach people not lessons
- Have patience 
- Turn outward as Christ would and not Inward like the natural man
- Christ really is with me as I represent and serve him
- Loving others the way God sees them
- How to let the spirit guide the lesson
- and SOOOO much more

I love you all. Thanks for everything. Let grandma know I received her email and I am glad they got a picture from Sister and Brother Pearson. They are nice people I also saw Margaret Rodee on the first day when I was getting my name tag. Also I love wearing that thing. 


Sister Wynder

Sister Wynder and Sister Wilson

The sisters that are going to Federal Way.

She didn't say for sure, but I am guessing her district.

 Sister Wynder and Sister Tayco

Since this group is a little bigger, I am guessing maybe her zone.
Some friends in my mom and dad's ward have callings at the MTC and they saw Bryn and sent us this picture.

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