Tuesday, June 7, 2016

MTC - Week 2

This is the e-mail we got from Bryn today - and she forwarded the e-mail that her companion wrote to her family, to me so she didn't have to write everything that happened this week. So some of this e-mail is from Bryn and some is from her companion. 


Ua mai oe? Guess what? You will never believe what happened? I was reassigned to speak Samoan in Washington!!!!

HAHA! I wish, but Elder Fuiava in my district is Samoan and he has taught me how to say "hi", "how are you", and "good, thank you." This week we were assigned new TRC investigators and one of them is Sampson from Samoa. He is really cool and hopefully tomorrow I can greet him in Samoan. I have been practicing a lot. 

This week Sister Tayco and I were called to be the STLs (sister training leaders) for our zone. I have loved getting to know the sisters. This week we found out that Sister Roberts in my district will be going home next Monday. She is in a lot of pain and the doctors aren't really sure why...She hopes that when she goes home the doctors can figure it out, but she might have to have surgery. However, she is planning on going straight to the field after she recovers.

I love my companion even more. She is the funniest person. My district still gets along super well - we laugh so much, have secret handshakes, and whenever someone talks to a Sister or Elder outside of our district we joke about pg. 33 in the missionary handbook.

Today we get to go to the temple and tonight we get to hear from Elder Bednar - you could say I am STOKED!

This week we get to welcome the new district in our zone - 7 Elders, no sisters.

I still can't believe I leave for Washington on Tuesday. I am really excited/nervous, and I am sad to leave my MTC district.

Lesson learned: One thing that I have really learned about is how Christ helps us ENDURE our trials. We may have trials we never overcome, but because of Christ we can feel joy and peace during hard times.

Much love,

Sister Wynder

From Sister Tayco's e-mail:

We finished teaching Ashley and Kelsey last week -- our first lesson with Ashley was pretty rough, but on the second lesson she really opened up and we committed her to baptism! Kelsey was our favorite person ever, we had three lessons with her and we learned so much about the atonement with her. This week we have two new investigators. We taught them both for the first time yesterday. First was Jen who is clueless about missionaries, surprisingly open, and has gorgeous blue hair. Then there is Sampson, a super chill Samoan guy and ex-military (Sister Wynder told me I'm not allowed to compliment his sick tatoo). He is super interested in the idea of "families are forever", and we are excited to teach him the Plan of Salvation. They are both great, and I can't wait to see them again tomorrow.

Sister Sherri Dew came and spoke to us on Sunday. It was a great talk about spiritual wrestling, not being afrais to ask hard questions, and learning to speak God's language.

And here are pictures from both Bryn and Sister Tayco -

Their district - Elder Alba, Elder Fuiava, Elder Cardin, Elder Tetrault, Sister Roberts, Sister Hart, Sister Warburton, Sister Wynder, and Sister Tayco


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