Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What Even Happened This Week?

Sorry this is going to be a short one...

Last week we went to the beach with the Hermanas. I found a clam or so I thought...We took it home with us and boiled it - I wanted to find a pearl! (And after she gets the letter I sent today she will hopefully realize that pearls are in oysters not clams!!!) We got something else instead (watch video below!).

We survived 5 hours of church - I spoke in the Star Lake ward and Sister Taylor and Sellers spoke in the Federal Way ward.

We went on a blitz with the Park Orchard sisters - Sister Graff my missionary twin.

Went on an exchange with the Lake Holm Sisters. Sister Unitt is Sister Tayco's doppelganger!

Came up with our dinosaur names: Wyndasaurus - Rex, Sellasaurus, and Ptayladactyl.

Had some awesome lessons - literally running from one to another!!!

...and of course went to the TEMPLE today!!!! Wow, I learned so much! Heavenly Father blessed me with new insights and treasures of knowledge. The temple truly is the "Lord's University!"

Love you so much! Now the trio is off to Cafe Rio for tasty Tuesday!

At the beach . . . 

Exchanges . . .

Seattle Temple

Here are the videos of the "clam" she found at the beach . . .

Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy B-day President Monson

Hi family,

So many miracles again this week!!! The work is really moving along in Star Lake!

This week Sister Beazer a former missionary came to visit. So we had a FHE with her family, the Avilas, Hamptons, and Brother Webb (investigator) last Monday! It was so much fun. We were in charge of the lesson and for the game Brother Avila came up with Gospel Jeopardy....both teams tied by the end.

This week there was a baptism in another ward in the stake. We are always encouraged to bring investigators to baptisms. Both Bruce and Linda came! It was awesome. The baptism was amazing. The man who was getting baptized was pretty much the only non-member in his family. His son baptized him and his granddaughter was baptized with him. That family has been waiting a long time for him to join the church. Towards the end of the baptism a member that we didn't know from the other ward saw Bruce and said "You're next right?" Bruce's response..."Oh, that is cold!" I was dying of laughter! But we had a great lesson with Bruce this week about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He knows he needs to get baptized he just hasn't received that confirmation yet. But he is praying so it will come!

We also had a lesson with Gib the man Sister Peterson and I met last transfer that had met with missionaries 20 years ago, read  the BOM, and believes it is true. We taught the plan of salvation. Gib brought his scriptures and his study notebook - he doesn't mess around, it was awesome. He has really sincere questions and knows more about Utah than I do...His main roadblock is that his wife is in Oklahoma and he is getting ready to sell his house soon and doesn't want to get baptized without her. Good thing there are missionaries in Oklahoma! :)

So like I said Gib is getting his house ready to sell but he is doing some renovations. So Brother Avila came with us and we helped Gib assemble an underground french drain for his backyard. It was a lot of fun and Brother Avila is the best! He is always willing to help!

At church on Sunday Gib, Linda, and Bruce came!!! It was such a blessing to have them there. The Star Lake ward is so welcoming and loved them right into the ward. They all really enjoyed it. This transfer we have been focusing on helping people attend sacrament meeting and Heavenly Father is blessing us in so many ways. At church we asked Bruce what he thought about the baptism earlier that week. He told us "it better not be cold when I hit the water!" Haha. He is coming along and is really making changes. It is so amazing to really see the power of Christ's atonement influence people's lives.

The Gospel is wonderful! I have been studying more about the plan of salvation this week. My eyes have been opened and I love learning from the scriptures. Sister Taylor and I have been focusing on the Christlike attribute of Knowledge and we have learned so much together.

I am now in a trio! One of my past companions went home this morning and her companion just joined our companionship...or as President would say "tripanionship." It is going to be busy but fun. We are now double covering Star Lake and Federal Way!

The solar eclipse is pretty rad in Washington. I am a little nervous to drive because I don't want to accidentally look at the sun and get eye damage...prayers are appreciated! :)

Much Love,

Sister Wynder

P.S. Hooray for going to the temple next week!!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

There are Miracles!!!

Hello Family, 
Wow, we have had so many amazing miracles this week! 
First off Sister Taylor is amazing! I love her so much and we work so well together. She is from Saratoga Springs and we were in the MTC together. 
We had a miracle lesson with two investigators that we found 2 months ago. The mom Jeanie has been really sick but we stopped by this week and she seemed to be doing better. She let us in and we taught the Plan of Salvation. Madison has been asking questions about heaven and hell lately and so she paid attention to the lesson. She is so cute. When we taught about the Celestial Kingdom she kept saying she wants to go there :) Madison really likes us - she even asked if we could sleep over! Gotta love 8 year olds. 
Later this week Sister Taylor and I went to contact a referral but we didn't have the apartment number so we started knocking on the building where they lived. The first door we knocked on a woman named Farrah opened the door. She stepped out and started talking with us. We taught her the Restoration and after we shared the First Vision I could tell she was feeling the spirit. After that she opened up a lot to us. She told us that she has been going through a hard time and yesterday she prayed for a sign. She wasn't going to open the door but felt that she should and she believes we were her sign! She is so prepared and we committed her to be baptized! It was amazing and I truly felt the Lord guided us to her! 
We taught many lessons this week and our investigators are doing really well. 
On Sunday Bruce came to church!!!! It was an answer to my prayers. Church is so important and the ward was so welcoming to him. He really enjoyed it and the talks/lessons were so inspired for him.
We also had Festival of Finding on Saturday and taught a lot on the spot. We found a woman named Jess that has doesn't really have any religious background. We taught the Restoration and got a return appointment! :)
It has been a wonderful week. Heavenly Father has blessed us in so many ways! This is the most joyful work!
I hope you have a great week!
Much Love,
Sister Wynder 

They have been driving a 2013 Toyota Corolla but today Bryn e-mailed a little later than normal because they went to pick up a new 2017 Toyota Corolla - she is not going to want to drive her old car when she comes home!!

Three "generation" picture - Bryn, Sister Schiess (who Bryn trained), and the new missionary that Sister Schiess is now training.

Bryn and Sister Taylor

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Instruments in His Hands

Hola Familia,

So right as I was finishing my email I hit a wrong button and my whole email got erased....So here we go with round two. 

Highlights of the week:

On Wednesday night we had the youth activity! We had pizza and for their reward (for participating in the youth missionary challenge) was that Brother Avila (the best assistant Ward Mission Leader ever) made water balloon sling shots for the youth to shoot at the Bishopric! It was awesome. After about 15 minutes it turned into a giant water fight. At the end Brother Avila gathered everyone in for a closing prayer. Right as everyone closed their eyes Brother Avila gave us the "go," Sister Peterson turned on the water, and I sprayed the youth with the hose! They of course got back at me... but it was worth it. We had so much fun and there were a couple nonmembers and a few less-active youth that came! Overall, it was a blast and it has been so cool to hear about ways the youth have shared the Gospel. 

That night after the activity as I was saying my prayers I received the revelation to focus on Church attendance this next transfer. 

We had really powerful lessons with Gib and Khoa this week! 

Mission Leadership Council was amazing this week! We set a transfer baptism goal of 38 baptism for the mission. Please pray for 38! :) 

Brother Jones is on date for September 16th - Please keep him in your prayers! 

Bruce, the headquarter referral, became a new investigator :) 

Sister Peterson got home safely. Her parents picked her up and I am with Hermana Short - aka my new best friend - until we go to transfers today!

What I really want to share...

So on Sunday we were counting on 2 people coming to church after they committed to come. However, they didn't come! I was really sad and frustrated because I did everything I could to help them come to church. I was bummed and I felt a little hardhearted! During personal study I was reading 1 Nephi 15 about when Laman and Lemeul harden their hearts. Then I read when Nephi asks them do you not remember what the Lord has done for you? Right then the spirit hit me with a spiritual 2x4! I started crying and memories from Brooke's baptism and Brother Whitman's baptism flowed into my mind. I remembered how hard it was and all of the roadblocks that we had to jump over. However, it was all worth it in the end to see them get baptized! I was humbled in that moment! I know that the Lord will never forsake us. The blessings come from enduring what the Lord asks us to. As I got on my email today I received emails from Brooke about getting ready to leave for BYU, and from Sister Whitman informing me that Brother Whitman is taking temple prep and that they are getting sealed in February!!! My heart is full of joy and gratitude. Baptism really is the first step and the end goal in this life is the temple!  

So lesson learned - Don't be like Laman and Lemuel and forget what the Lord has done for you! 

Transfer news: I am staying in Star Lake and my new companion is Sister Taylor! 

Much Love,

Sister Wynder 

District Meeting

Youth Activity

Mission Leadership Council

Bryn, Hermana Short, Sister Peterson

These are pictures that ward members texted to us during the week!