Monday, September 25, 2017

Love Knows No "Bounds"

Well hello there family,
I am just going to jump into it. We had some awesome things happen this week! First of all, Bruce is on track for his BAPTISM on Friday! I am so excited for him. Yesterday at church he wore a suit for the first time since we have been teaching him (thanks to Brother Avila). 
On Friday we had a ward potluck and it was a great turnout. Linda and Gib both came. I love the Star Lake ward - they are so friendly and welcome everyone.
We had another Festival of Finding as a mission on Saturday! We met together as a zone and then split off and went finding all day. Sister Taylor and I were able to teach on the spot a lot. We also contacted a media referral that we received. The dad is an inactive member that is married to a non-member. He wants his kids to be baptized. So when we stopped the dad opened up to us. He said this is the first time ever that sister missionaries had stopped by. He was grateful there were sisters in the area. We met his kids and committed them to come to church. 

The second part of Festival of Finding I was with Hermana Van Leuven! I still can't speak I just prayed while Hermana Van Leuven taught. We found some awesome potential investigators for the Spanish branch. We also taught a man to pray that had never prayed before. After he prayed he said that it felt good and he hadn't experienced that feeling before. It was such a testimony builder to me of the power of prayer!
The General Women's Session was wonderful. I loved it so much. I am so pumped for General Conference!!! #ldsgenconf
At Church on Sunday Linda, Bruce, and the 2 kids came - Jalina & Jacob. It was awesome! The youth helped out so much with Jalina and Jacob. I don't think they had ever been to church before but they liked it! 
Sunday night we had a stake meeting to announce boundary changes... The Stake President spoke about building up Zion and he walked us through the process of how they came to the conclusion of the changes. By approval of the First Presidency they consolidated 9 wards to 6 wards. Three wards were discontinued and divided into the other wards in the stake. It was pretty crazy because now there are 3 sets of missionaries that don't have areas. The next few weeks will be interesting. Star Lake got bigger but we aren't sure if Elders will be serving in the ward with us or Redondo.
As always I love serving the Lord and feel my Father in Heaven's love everyday!

Much Love,
Sister Wynder

Enjoying a treat at a place called Legendary Donuts

Bryn's new coat that she loves so much she is going to wear it for the rest of her life!


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

And I Cut Her Hair

Hi Family,

Well it is rainy and cold here! I almost forgot what fall and winter was like in Washington...the key word is ALMOST! 

So this week Sister Sellers went home to get some medical things taken care of. I love her so much and was so grateful I was able to serve with her! 

So Sister Taylor and I were double covering (covering 2 wards) by ourselves for the week! It was fun - I love the Federal Way ward. We taught Ariik and Quoll - they are on date to get baptized for October 14th! Sister Taylor and I will be back for their baptism. They are the cutest boys and they love the Book of Mormon! 

We also had two lessons with Bruce! He is on track for baptism on the 29th! One lesson was tithing which was perfect because Sunday Sister Taylor gave a talk about tithing. Both wards had high counselors speak on tithing so we got a double dose! Something new I learned about tithing is that we don't give our tithing to the Lord...We give it to a member of the Bishopric or click submit online and we give it UNTO the Lord. There is a big difference and it is all about if our hearts are in the sacrifice we are offering to the Lord. Within all things we sacrifice it is important that we give it unto the Lord. 

I also gave Sister Taylor a haircut this week... about 6-7 inches! We did it in two parts just in case I messed up... It turned out pretty good! 

Today is transfers and I am staying in Star Lake with Sister Taylor! We were so happy! During transfer calls we were sitting on the couch eating ice cream nervously waiting! The odds were in our favor and we are so blessed we get to serve another transfer together!!! 

Peace and blessings! 

Much Love,

Sister Wynder

Sister Wynder, Sister Taylor, Sister Sellers


Ariik and Quoll

They are pretty excited about the new Chick-Fil-A that just opened in their area!

But they still love Cafe Rio!!

The haircut

And she is still pretty goofy!!

She said this is what happens when you have two phones because you are covering two areas.

And here is a super short video with the transfer news that they are staying together.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Another Moist Week in Washington

Hi Family,

Well we had our first official rainfall this season! Temperatures have been dropping but we haven't lost the sun yet! 

This week was really great! Our investigator Bruce is doing awesome. We committed him to baptism on September 29th! He also committed to living the word of wisdom. I am really grateful for our assistant ward mission leader - Brother Avila for being his main fellowship! We have so much fun teaching Bruce. It is so neat to see the changes he is making week to week! We are starting to really notice the changes he is making :) 

We also had zone conference this week and I learned the importance of remembering spiritual experiences we had. Remembering the time the spirit testified to us that the Book of Mormon was true or that the church has been restored, etc. Those are the times that help us get through those trials in our life when our faith may seem to shake! As I have been reading the Book of Mormon I have been circling the word "remember." It is amazing that the Book of Mormon is really a book of remembrance of how merciful the Lord has been to the children of men. More importantly - remembering what the Savior has done for us. 

I was on an exchange this week with Sister Ericson in Park Orchard! She is awesome, I love her so much. We saw miracles and learned from each other. She also gave me a haircut! Let me tell you that was much needed after 7 months...Mindy would be disappointed in me - haha!

Also we are teaching a part member family in the Federal Way ward. They are from Sudan and the two youngest brothers aren't members. We taught them about the Book of Mormon and committed them for baptism in October! 

Sunday night we watched the YSA devotional with Elder David A. Bednar. It was really neat - he talked about being a strong link in the chain of our generations. I loved it! I thought a lot about Brooke as I watched it. She is such a strong link in this generation and has affected so many people and will continue to do so! 

Hope you have a great week! 

Much Love,

Sister Wynder 
D&C 128:18


Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Hi Family,
So you know how GENTRI is "Gentleman Trio!" Well our trio is now SISTRI!!!
There was a lot that happened this week but 3 miracles I want to share.
1) Tuesday one of our lessons fell through and I felt prompted to visit a member that the Federal Way Bishop asked us to see. When she opened her door I immediately recognized her.  I met her once when I was in Sumner with Sister Hollingsworth. Sister Hollingsworth served in Federal Way and got close to this one member. For the past few months she has been working a lot and hasn't been to church. We helped her to start reading the Book of Mormon again and she even came to church on Sunday!!! I met her over a year never know who Heavenly Father will place in your path.
2) We had a lesson with Bruce this week and we read Alma 36. The spirit was so strong and really taught Bruce as we taught out of the scriptures. At the end of the lesson Bruce committed to BAPTISM!!! I really learned the importance of teaching out of the scriptures. 
3) I was on an exchange with Sister Secretan in South Hill this week. We tracted one apartment complex for over 2 hours and didn't have a lot of success.  We then were led to another apartment complex and as we were walking we heard a baby crying from inside an apartment. Sister Secretan stopped and I knew she received a prompting to knock on that door. The spirit then prompted me to follow her. We knocked on the door and a woman answered and said "Hi Sisters!' I asked if she was a member and she said no but that she took the lessons from sisters in Hawaii when she went to school there. She is now married and has a 6 month old baby. She has a lot of family members that are members of the church. She was so kind and we set up a return appointment with her. I am so grateful we didn't give up finding that day. Heavenly Father blessed us so much and led us to her. 
Heavenly Father is so aware of his children and as we have faith in him and his timetable everything will work out. In fact everything will be better than we could ever imagine. 
I am also incredibly grateful for the Book of Mormon. I know that it is the word of God! 
I hope you have a great week! 
Much Love,
Sister Wynder
Alma 26