Tuesday, September 27, 2016

4 Months Down

Monday, September 19, 2016

Well so last p-day we were shopping and when we got to the register a lady said sisters come in this line I am buying your groceries. It was so sweet and she was from the Federal Way stake. It really is a miracle when members feed us or buy groceries for us. I love the people here.

Tuesday we had Zone Meeting President and Sister Rasmussen were there too. Right when it started we watched a New Testament video on the Atonement and the spirit was so strong. I was on the verge of tearing up but I was holding it together...when it ended one of the zone leaders said I just received a prompting to ask Sister Wynder to bear her testimony on the Atonement. When I got up there I lost it a little but I am glad I had that opportunity.

This week was kind of rough because the majority of our lessons got cancelled. We did have a lesson with Isaac and it went really well. He still is having a hard time believing if God is real but we focused on the Holy Ghost and watched the Patterns of Light by Elder Bednar. At the end of the lesson I felt prompted to have a kneeling prayer at the end and have Isaac say it. His prayed assured us that he still wants to learn.

During Personal Study I was reading in Matthew - What Lack I Yet? and I received the prompting that my planning skills need some work. Glad that was before weekly planning. But during weekly planning I kind of had a breakdown, because all the investigators so far have been golden at the beginning and then they move, or something happens and they stop progressing. I love my investigators and I really just want to help them but agency gets in the way most of the time. I have been struggling with accepting the investigator's agency but I am working on it.

We also visited an inactive family and the kids are all grown. We met one of the daughters who left the church when she was 21 and she lives in Boston and was visiting for the week. I told her about Lexi and asked her questions about Boston. She opened up more after that and asked us questions about missions and the church.

We are going to the fair after emailing with Sister Hollingsworth and Bowman so that will be fun. We can't ride the rides but we all got free tickets from members so we are going to go for a little bit and get scones.

Much Love,

Sister Wynder 

Bryn and Sister Pope

Last night I got a text from Sister Gunn who is a member that lives in the Federal Way mission with this picture -

Mt. Rainier and other scenery

Bryn wanted some crockpot recipes so I sent her a bunch and she says she is becoming a "crockpot master" - this is a picture of one of her crockpot meals . . . 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Companions with "the Pope"

So this week has been really good. I love Sister Pope! 

On transfers I met the Nydeggers and they found me and said they met you at the Rasmussen's farewell. She gave me a hug and said that was from your mom I gave her about 3 more hugs after that.

We had a lesson with Mary and her family and we committed most of them to baptism. The girls love young womens so that is awesome.

Isaac is doing good...he said he hasn't received his answer about if God is real from his fast last week so that is a little rough. But we keep praying for him and teaching him.

We were teaching an 18 year old named Jason but we had a pass off lesson this week with the YSA Elders and it went pretty well. He is struggling to understand the priesthood and how Thomas S. Monson is the only one that is a prophet, but the Elders showed the video The Power of God. After the video this was the conversation
Elder: How did you feel listening to the prophet's voice?
Jason: It wasn't want I expected?
Elder: What did you expect?
Jason: I don't know.
Elder: Did you think he would be this all powerful speaker or did you think he would speak the way the savior would?
Jason: I guess the savior!
Elder: Did you feel he did that?
Jason: ...Yeah, I do.
The spirit was so strong when he asked that question and it was another witness that the prophet really is called of God and is the true prophet on the Earth.

We also had dinner at the Payne's (The 4th of July farm family). It was so much fun and for the member inspire we taught the testimony glove. It was AWESOME! The kids loved it and talked about how they share their testimony. The oldest that is 12 said she was nervous and kinda scared to share her testimony. We told her how we practice what to say to people and so we role played with the kids and they loved it. One of my favorite member inspires.

This weekend was Stake Conference and President and Sister Rasmussen came and spoke at the adult session. I loved all the talks and a lot of them mentioned member missionary work and what matters most. The Sunday session it was about book of Mormon, temple work, missionary work, and keeping the Sabbath day holy. We also were able to go the broadcast for the YSA devotional - Elder Cook spoke.

Overall it has been a good week. I have really stepped up my game because Sister Pope doesn't know anyone or the area and so I have become the "talker." But it is good for me.

Love you all!

Much Love,

Sister Wynder
The Church at a Glance - video 

Bryn and Sister Pope

Bryn and Sister Pope at the Payne's farm

We sent Bryn these candy sticks from Maddox

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 12 Accomplished!

Today was transfers and Bryn is staying in Sumner. Sister Hollingsworth got transferred but she is staying close - they think her new area is still in the same district. Bryn's is excited about her new companion, Sister Pope!! Here is her e-mail and some awesome pictures!!

Wow! I thought week 12 would never come. Here are some great...maybe not so great things that happened this week!

Brother Whitman went to the Seattle temple and walked the grounds with his wife and another couple in the ward.

Isaac fasted this Sunday to know if God was real

Sam our former investigator - we found out his brother and sister-in-law were in town and were in a car accident and she was killed. It was so sad. He had been on our mind over the past 2 weeks and that is why. We were going to do last minute service for a lady in his apartment complex (that we weren't too excited about) and when we pulled up Sam and his kids were outside. We talked to them and we could tell the death was really hard on them. They were happy to see us though. After we left them with a prayer the lady texted us and said she didn't need our help anymore. We knew that Heavenly Father made it possible for us to see Sam because that is where we needed to be.

On Sunday I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting. After two kids came up to me and showed me the list of the 5 points to a testimony. We had a member inspire with them and I brought the testimony glove. The mom said while I was bearing my testimony she told them to listen to see if I got all the 5 points...luckily I did. It was so sweet to know that they were paying attention. Plus we told them if they remembered we would bring them a treat.

Later on Sunday we were contacting and met an interesting couple. We were talking to this lady and she was very contentious and kind of went off saying that we are a cult and all this stuff... Then her boyfriend spoke up and also kind of went off. He was not contentious but was very blunt. He talked about how we don't need religion and that we only needed grace and to hope to live in heaven. I will never forget when he looked dead into my eyes and told me to "FORGET MY RELIGION!" He said that about 10 times. My spirit was a little crushed because earlier that day I bore my testimony and now I am listening to this man telling me to forget my religion. Oh, how sad I felt for him. He is missing out on so much. I told him I will never forget my religion. Right when we were just about to walk away the girlfriend went inside and came back out with a big poster that has all the different religions and what they believe. She started going into the trinity and I was so done with them. We told them what we believe and left. The rest of the night I was so bothered by that contact.

Yesterday was a lot better. We went to see a less-active family but when we got there it didn't feel right. We prayed and received the prompting to go visit a referral we received from the Eatonville sisters. They lived about a minute away from the less-active family. When we got there Mary, the mom of the family told us all the struggles that they have been going through and how she usually isn't into religion but that she is open to hearing our message. She has 3 daughters and they are interested in mutual. We set up a return appointment. That was another experience we had this week that when we follow the promptings of the spirit Heavenly Father blesses us.

Thank you for sending the money Sister Hollingsworth and I had a farewell dinner at the Buttered Biscuit - DELICIOUS! I have loved being companions with Sister Hollingsworth. We took a lot of pictures this week with members so she could say goodbye to them. So get ready for picture overload. 
Love you,

Sister Wynder 

Some families in the ward - 

Bryn and Sister Hollingsworth were helping the Whitman's (in the picture just above in front of the Seattle Temple) pack for their move and found fanny packs - the best part was they got to keep them!! Bryn was so excited!!

I am not sure why they were in pioneer clothes - Bryn said they borrowed them from someone in the ward - maybe it was just for fun????