Thursday, June 30, 2016

Come What May, and Love It

I am sorry if I made you worry a little...this week has been a lot better. It is getting easier and the days are going by faster.

Week 2 -

At the beginning of the week I prayed so much for the days to go by faster. It seemed like I had been here my whole life and couldn't remember what I had done before the mission. Sister Hollingsworth and I have laughed more this week and that really helps. Last Sunday we were with one of our investigators, Bro. Whitman, at his house. He has been investigating the church for over 25 years. He is in his 60s I think and even has a calling in the ward. His wife is an endowed member though. He has a cigar addiction and has been fighting that for 6 years. That night I asked him to be baptized. He said yes, and that he knows the church is true but he was not ready to set a date. We promised him that if he read the BOM and prayed every day that Heavenly Father would let him know by next Sunday what day he should be baptized. He committed to read and pray. Sister Hollingsworth and I also fasted Monday and asked members in the ward to fast throughout the week for him. We found members and someone fasted each day. The ward is awesome they are super helpful with missionary work. He read and prayed everyday day except on Friday he didn't. My heart sank a little. We continued to pray for him and he also came to the missionary devotional last night with his wife. He has felt really overwhelmed this week and gets frustrated when reading the scriptures. We are trying to give him some space right now because he is almost at his breaking point. So we will contact him soon about his date.

Our other investigator is Cody a 13 year old. He is awesome and we set a baptism date for him on July 30th. He likes to dab and Sister Hollingsworth didn't know what dabbing was so I had to teach her. I am super excited to help Cody prepare for baptism. He also came to the missionary devotional with his mom and sister.

We also are teaching Mike & Jordan - Jordan is a member but less active, and Mike isn't a member. They want to get sealed in the temple but Mike needs to be baptized first, so we are working on that. Margery loves to talk. I pray that we will be able to actually teach her doctrine.

In the middle of the week we got a text from the South Hill  Sister Training Leaders and said that we would be going on exchanges on Friday night. Sister Hollingsworth told me I was probably going to South Hill. SIKE! A few minutes later they texted again and said that Sister Hollingsworth would be going and I would be staying in Sumner. I started freaking out a little bit because I would have to take charge in an area I haven't even been in for 2 weeks. However, Sister Wright, that would be on the exchange with me, served in Sumner 3 transfers ago. I felt more at peace but nervous. When we met up for exchanges they reassured me that they prayed about the exchange and were a little surprised when they got the answer because they hardly ever have a brand new companion stay in their area. I was so grateful I was paired with Sister Wright. She is wonderful and such a strong missionary. We also discovered that she is first cousins with the OSTLERS (a family that goes to Cottonwood)! Her mom is Shelia's sister. I was so happy that we knew someone in common. She actually will be home around the same time as Matt. I love Sister Wright so much. She works hard and helped me grow. I learned a lot from her. She also testified that missions are worth it. She also left the talk "Come What May, and Love It" under my PMG. I read a little bit of it everyday. It has really helped me to stay positive. We saw small miracles throughout the exchange. It was interesting because all of our appointments cancelled, but the Lord had other plans for us. It is amazing that there really are NO coincidences when you are on the Lord's errand. I have learned this week how to trust in God and what I need to do to strive to be a happy disciple of Christ.

So Sunday was the missionary devotional - there is one once a month, that is if President Rasmussen keeps them going. But they are for everyone. Recent converts bear testimony, videos are shown, and the mission choir sings. President Eaton concluded and bore his "final" testimony to the mission. That is the last time we will probably see him and Sister Eaton. President Rasmussen has been set apart and gets here on Thursday. We don't have a welcoming meeting or anything. There is an open house for him on the 16th but missionaries aren't invited...So I am not exactly sure when I will see President Rasmussen.

Also we were at a member's for dinner this week Sister and Brother Palmer are from Utah and moved here about a year or so ago. They are pretty young like 22 and 24? We made two connections though. Sister Palmer worked at one of Robin's bridal stores and also worked with Dexter Beach's mom. So we took a picture together and she said she would send it to Robin,

This week has been a lot better than last week. I have loved all the emails from family and friends. Stacey's email really helped me. I am grateful for all the prayers. Prayer, I know, will be the main thing that will get me through. I love you so much and miss you. 

I think that just about wraps this week up. Peace and Blessings.


Sister Wynder
D&C 84:88

These pictures are taken with Sister Wright that she went on exchanges with.

This was the last night Bryn was in the MTC with her friend Anna Wilson.

With Sister Williams on the plane when they left for Washington.

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