Monday, July 11, 2016

Evergreen . . . more like Evergrey

Week 4 complete!

Bryn's second family - the Peery's - are traveling through Washington and last night they made a little detour through Sumner and stopped at Bryn's apartment and left a letter and some treats on her doorstep. Yes, I got a surprise on my doorstep! I couldn't believe it when I read the letter. I was freaking out thinking "they were literally here, and I missed them?" It's okay though it probably would be so hard to say goodbye. It made my week. 

I got to see the Rasmussens (her new mission president) - they remembered me! I was pumped to see them again and I am so excited to serve with them. I love them!!!

This week was rough on our teaching pool. We only taught about 2-3 lessons. Things are frustrating with Cody and Sam but I can only do so much. A lot of the times its either a cry or laugh situation and I pick laugh because missions are hard enough who wants to cry? Not me!

So random facts. . .
- Gramma Conine gave us more SALSA!!! I was so pumped. Sister Hollingsworth tried to hide it from me but that didn't fly with me. Haha!
- I have been on a PB&J high this week, they taste so great with Gramma Conine's jam!
- I love watermelon now.
- Weed is the perfume of Washington, good thing it isn't very strong in Sumner.
- It is July and it feels like March. Grey skies basically everyday and little sun.
- Everyone has a dog! I haven't gotten bit though so that's a plus.
- Sister Hollingsworth hates seafood  so I feel bad when members feed us fish because she hates it but on the inside I am jumping for joy!
- I got a "Twilight" picture. We were at a members and they live in the straight up forest. I was so pumped though. Sister Hollingsworth hasn't seen Twilight so she thought I was so weird. Ever since Bryn got her call one of the first things she said was that she wanted to do a picture that looked like she was running super fast in the woods in Washington like she was a vampire in Twilight - so she got to do it. The picture is below . . .

Love you all! 

Here are the pictures that Peery's sent to me while they were at her apartment.

And here she is with the bag of treats and the letter they left for her.

Twilight vampire picture!!!


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