Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 6 - Two Months Down

Today is P-day. Yesterday was transfers and I am staying in Sumner with Sister Hollingsworth. I am so glad I finally made it through a transfer and that I am not a brand new missionary anymore. 

Things are going...

One of the highlights of the week was the relief society activity. It was so much fun. The activities here are outstanding. We had a garden party at the farm we went to on the 4th of July. Fancy hats were encouraged. So of course we went to Gramma Conine and got hats. We also prayed she would give us more salsa and she did - 2 jars! The power of prayer is real. haha 

Cody isn't getting baptized this week. We went over the interview questions with him though and he is so close. So we are focusing on him getting baptized this transfer. 

We also are teaching 3 boys - Tate (10), Riley (7), and Issac (4). A lady in our ward Sister Fry's daughter and her sons moved in with her. The daughter is LA (less active). Sister Fry convinced her daughter to let us teach the boys. They are reading the BOM everyday with their grandma. So that is exciting. 

Sorry I didn't have a lot of detail. But those are the highlights of the week. 

Love you,

Sister Wynder 

Bryn with her new mission president and his wife - President and Sister Rasmussen

Bryn's zone and district

Bryn with her garden party hat

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