Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 5

This week has been kinda rough but good. We have seen more sun this week but as I am writing this email it is raining... G'ma told me I need to take my vitamin D so I am starting today! The Peery's sent me a package this week. It was a Box of Sunshine! I loved it and it made me so happy.

So this week....

Things have been a little stressful with our investigators. G'ma sent me an email talking about how everyone has their agency. Sometimes it is so stressful because I just want to make the right choices for our investigators but cannot. Cody's situation is interesting and there are some questions about getting permission from both of his parents. We fasted with them and some other families in the ward yesterday. We still have Cody set forJuly 30th. We are hopefully talking to the Bishop more about it today. I have faith in them though.

This week we had dinner at Gramma Conine's and for dessert she had chocolate covered strawberries and a few other things. She put the plate right in front of me - I ate so many and she wrapped some up for me to take them home. I was thrilled.

We also had lunch with Sister Dorsey (ward missionary) she is in her 70s but is a hoot. She loves us and we love her. She fed us toasted PB&Js - so good! She feeds us often!

We also had a new missionary training with President and Sister Rasmussen. At the end we prepared lessons for role plays. It was funny because President Eaton was super strict about Elders and Sister communicating with each other. After we prepared lessons, President explained that 2 companionships would come up and trade off teaching each other in role plays. He picked Elders and Sisters to role play with each other. You could tell the older missionaries were freaking out because they have never role played together. It was kinda funny to watch because I role played with Elders in the MTC so it wasn't that weird to me. At the training Elder Duncan told me his mom asked how I was doing. While we were talking I felt the other missionaries looking at us thinking "why are they talking to each other?" Elders and Sisters barely talk to each other. It may change with President Rasmussen though...I don't know. Also Sister Rasmussen said that we probably won't be getting iPads for a long time.

We went on splits with Sister Linker and Sister Wright for about 2 hours. I was with Sister Linker and we found 2 new investigators and Sister Wright and Hollingsworth found 1. So it was awesome.

Last night we had a missionary devotional. I sang in the choir again. I was next to Sister Linker and she is an amazing singer so I tried sing quiet to blend with people thought I was a better singer than I am.

Also Pokémon Go is everywhere here. We see people all the time playing it but it is good for us because more people are outside to contact. There is also little kids running around the library right now because they have Pokémon balls on the walls and stuff.

Overall, it as been a good week. Some days are rough but I just can't wait to be past my first transfer.

Love you,

Sister Wynder

Psalms 37:3-9

Sister Wynder, Sister Linker, Sister Wright, Sister Hollingsworth

Package from the Peery's

Arts and crafts with Bryn - a temple cut out of moleskin

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