Monday, September 12, 2016

Companions with "the Pope"

So this week has been really good. I love Sister Pope! 

On transfers I met the Nydeggers and they found me and said they met you at the Rasmussen's farewell. She gave me a hug and said that was from your mom I gave her about 3 more hugs after that.

We had a lesson with Mary and her family and we committed most of them to baptism. The girls love young womens so that is awesome.

Isaac is doing good...he said he hasn't received his answer about if God is real from his fast last week so that is a little rough. But we keep praying for him and teaching him.

We were teaching an 18 year old named Jason but we had a pass off lesson this week with the YSA Elders and it went pretty well. He is struggling to understand the priesthood and how Thomas S. Monson is the only one that is a prophet, but the Elders showed the video The Power of God. After the video this was the conversation
Elder: How did you feel listening to the prophet's voice?
Jason: It wasn't want I expected?
Elder: What did you expect?
Jason: I don't know.
Elder: Did you think he would be this all powerful speaker or did you think he would speak the way the savior would?
Jason: I guess the savior!
Elder: Did you feel he did that?
Jason: ...Yeah, I do.
The spirit was so strong when he asked that question and it was another witness that the prophet really is called of God and is the true prophet on the Earth.

We also had dinner at the Payne's (The 4th of July farm family). It was so much fun and for the member inspire we taught the testimony glove. It was AWESOME! The kids loved it and talked about how they share their testimony. The oldest that is 12 said she was nervous and kinda scared to share her testimony. We told her how we practice what to say to people and so we role played with the kids and they loved it. One of my favorite member inspires.

This weekend was Stake Conference and President and Sister Rasmussen came and spoke at the adult session. I loved all the talks and a lot of them mentioned member missionary work and what matters most. The Sunday session it was about book of Mormon, temple work, missionary work, and keeping the Sabbath day holy. We also were able to go the broadcast for the YSA devotional - Elder Cook spoke.

Overall it has been a good week. I have really stepped up my game because Sister Pope doesn't know anyone or the area and so I have become the "talker." But it is good for me.

Love you all!

Much Love,

Sister Wynder
The Church at a Glance - video 

Bryn and Sister Pope

Bryn and Sister Pope at the Payne's farm

We sent Bryn these candy sticks from Maddox

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