Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I am Staying in Sumner


So it looks like I will be staying in the beloved city of Sumner for another six weeks with Sister Pope. I am really happy about it. On Sunday during ward council I had a feeling I was getting transferred and I started to tear up about thinking about it. I really do love the ward and the Sumner area. Looks like I won't have to worry about leaving any time soon. :) 

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! On Thursday half the mission went to a stake center and the other half went to another - we played volleyball, basketball, soccer, and board games from 9-12. It was a blast. Then we had basically 4 dinners in one. We ate at the Conines and the Paynes, Williams, and Berrys came too. It was such a fun time. 

So Sister Hollingsworth (my trainer) went home this week. She went to the Seattle temple with the other departing missionaries on Saturday so her companion Sister Bowman was with us for the majority of the day. I love Sister Bowman she is great - we were in the MTC together. We made a quick stop to Gramma Conines to get some salsa and jam for Sister Hollingsworth to take home. We picked her up at the mission home and it was so weird because I hadn't been there since I first got to Washington. We gave President and Sister Rasmussen a jar of Gramma Conine's salsa and they loved it. On the way back we got a text from Gramma Conine saying she had a prompting to give us something when we were over but didn't and asked if we could come back over. So we did and when we got there she gave Sister Pope, Bowman, and I each a fleece blanket. She said she was shopping a couple days ago and had a prompting to get 3 blankets she thought that is odd because there is only 2 of them. But Sister Bowman was with us for the day so it worked out. Gramma Conine really listens to the spirit and acts on the promptings. Love her so much. 

We had a lot of lessons with members this week to show them Light the World. IF YOU HAVEN"T WATCHED IT YET, DO IT! It is so great - I love it so much. I hope everyone does the challenge that is on There is something different each day in December that Christ did and so can we. I love the Christmas Initiative because we aren't just thinking about the Savior this season but we can come to know him more as we do as he did. So I encourage everyone to do the challenge and share the video. 

We had dinner with the Jacobsens on Sunday - I wasn't sure with transfers so I was taking pictures with a few families just in case. I love the Jacobsens! 

Yesterday morning we picked up Sister Hollingsworth and took her the Auburn Stake Center where the office elders were picking up all the departing missionaries. It was so crazy to think my trainer is leaving. I love Sister Hollingsworth so much and we have had some great times together. With that said, that meant we would be a trio with Sister Bowman. I really like trios - when we are out finding it feels like we are a little gospel squad knocking on doors, haha. I love teaching with Sisters Bowman and Pope. We had a lesson with one of our investigators Wesley (looks like he could be related to Brother Whitman) and it went really well - so grateful for team teaching. 

The Whitmans were out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend so we haven't been able to start the new member lessons but we are starting them tomorrow night. 

I am excited for this transfer and CHRISTMAS!!! 

Love you all,

Sister Wynder

There are lots of pictures to post this week - 

The family that Bryn had Thanksgiving dinner with - the Conine's - sent these pictures to us - 

Leftovers and their Elf on the Shelf - until Sister Pope dropped it - 

Pictures with Sister Hollingsworth and Sister Bowman

With Gramma Conine

District Picture

Families in the Sumner Ward - the Walkers and the Jacobsens

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