Tuesday, February 21, 2017


So this week was really good. We helped families in the ward move, paint, and build a goat shed! I really love the Buckley 1st ward - so many great families. It has rained a lot this week! This is what I thought Washington would be like. We try to be locals and not use umbrellas but some days we have to because it just pours and when we are out knocking we figure it is best if we don't look like wet dogs when people open the door! 
On Valentine's Day we heart attacked some of the single sisters in the ward.
Bishop told us on his mission they taught the Plan of Salvation to families with sugar cookies. So we gave it a try. There is a family in the ward that has us over for "missionary Friday" each week. So we taught them the P of S and then in order for the girls to get a cookie they had to reteach us - it was a really fun lesson. 
We had a mission devotional on Sunday that was really great! The spirit was so strong. The Sumner Elders + Brother Suttle brought Brother Bobo who is on date for baptism in March. His wife is a member and I taught him so that was really great to see him there. Brother Hunt won't be getting baptized on Saturday. I know when he is ready though Heavenly Father will provide a way. 
During the week I got a feeling that I might be training...but I didn't really say anything. I got it a few times in fact. On Sunday night we got the call that Sister Wilkinson is leaving. Monday I got a call from the APs that the Lord has called me to be a trainer. I thought to myself the spirit was right. I am excited but also nervous. I have been silently freaking out to myself. It is really a humbling experience to be called as a trainer.
Sister Wilkinson loves Buckley and it was really hard for her to say goodbye. We stopped by to say goodbye to a few families in the ward. We went to the Jameson's and the Lathrops were there too to have root beer floats. It was so much fun! I remembered when I went to the Jameson's the first time - I walked in and saw the family picture with 2 redheaded girls and thought "is this a look into my future?" Ha ha. We had a really fun time with them. We then went to the Wilson's and they have pet bunnies that just had babies not very long ago. 
Well I am looking forward to getting my new companion later today. 
Until next week! 
Sister Wynder

Heart attacking on Valentine's Day

Sugar cookie Plan of Salvation

Rain, redheads, and rabbits

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