Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Shovel Squad

I honestly don't even know what happened this past week.... I am using a member's iPad due to the libraries been closed from the snow. I have never felt so challenged with technology. SOS! My fingers are starting to hurt from typing so bear with me and excuse any typos!

So our investigator Lisa got ankle replacement surgery (yes that is a thing) so we haven't been able to really have a lesson we saw her last night but she is in pretty bad shape.

We were driving and Sister Wilkinson asked me if I saw what bird just flew over a tree and I said no. We pulled over and about 30 yards away from us was a bald eagle eating a mole. I got out and was taking pictures. Grateful for the fence - I was kind of scared the eagle was going to fly at me and take the camera.... 

Saturday it was raining soooo much. The minute we walked outside we were soaking. It was kind of fun though. 

Sunday morning I looked outside and it was snowing and it didn't stop snowing for over 24 hours. I was a little nervous because it was also the super bowl and I was not super looking forward to knocking on doors. However, we finished before the game started so that was a blessing. At the end of the night it was snowing like crazy and we drove down this road and we saw a man driving his convertible with the top down...

Yesterday was so random. Everything was closed pretty much. So we played in the snow. We made the cutest snow sisters! We also had a snowball fight and it was a blast. One of my favorite p-days. Later that day we came back and one of my zone leaders that lives in the apartment across from us knocked down snow Sister Wynder...I was so sad. But it is okay! Sister Wilkinson and I started a shovel squad. During studies we saw our neighbor was stuck in the snow and so we went out to help. Later we shoveled a few driveways for members and non-members. We also got 2 more cars out of the snow. We made a little theme song...
"When your stuck in the snow and you can't get out, who's gonna come - shovel squad."
Today we were studying and our same neighbor that was stuck yesterday was stuck again but with a different car. She has a really long driveway and so we got her all the way to the end of the driveway. She parked there and said she should be able to get out and was going to get her kids ready to leave. About 20 minutes later she was stuck again and her kids were in the car. We rushed back over there and she was really stuck. We asked the Elders to come help and we were able to get her out of the driveway. She was so grateful and it felt so good to help her. We left her a pass-along card and she said she was going to watch "Light the World." 

Service is a huge way for non-members to feel of the Savior's love. Needless to say after shoveling and pushing cars out of the snow my body is so sore. 

Have a wonderful week! 


Sister Wynder 
Acts 10:38
The "snow sisters"

 Someone from Bryn's ward sent this picture to us on Sunday
The eagle

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