Monday, June 19, 2017

Air-drum the Stress Away

Hi Family,

So to start off I think I have gotten almost all of my companions hooked on Capri Sun! We also have a D.I. in my area and last p-day I found a killer deal - I think my new dress will really get people's attention...(there is a picture at the end of the e-mail)

This week was a little crazy. We had Zone Conference! It was awesome and the spirit taught me so much. I love President and Sister Rasmussen - They truly have been called of God.

We went on exchanges this week. I was with Sister Bowman in Star Lake. She is the best and we work so well together. We had an awesome lesson with Shallu our new investigator we found last week. It was so cool during the lesson she told us that the day we contacted her she had been praying to know what church to go to and then we met her that night. It was so cool to look back and she how the spirit guided us to invite her to church. I am so grateful - that helped me see that I truly am being an instrument in the Lord's hands.

Shallu is 25 and so she went to the YSA ward on Sunday and loved it. She is going on a camping trip this week with the ward. We had to pass her off to the YSA elders but it's okay because she is progressing and on her way to the waters of baptism!

Sister McClellan and I received a referral from a former investigator a couple weeks ago. We finally were able to have a lesson with her. It is a mom and her 8 year old daughter. We had such a powerful lesson with them. Jeanie (the mom) asked golden questions and felt the spirit so strong. They both became new investigators.

We also went on a blitz this week with the White River Sisters. I was with Sister Golden - She is so sweet this has been her first transfer and she is a champ already! We were knocking on a potential investigators door but they didn't answer. We knocked on the door across and a 14/15 year old year answered. She was from another country and she told us she had never heard of Jesus Christ. It was amazing how the spirit helped us teach so simply to help her understand. Sister Golden asked if she had ever prayed before? The girl said "no." Sister Golden asked if she has a desire to pray? She responed "yes." We then taught her about prayer and left her with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. Such a miracle and she said we could come back and talk to her family.

This week has been kind of stressful so Saturday night Sister McClellan and I had to find an outlet for our stress. We have been listening to Nashville Tribute Band a lot lately. I have also discovered I have a real love for air-drumming which has led to a sore neck and and the early stages of carpal tunnel. Haha. So I hope you enjoy the videos of BRYC! (link below)

In Relief Society yesterday the sister that taught the lesson shared this video called "You Never Know" I loved it so much and it helped me remember I need to be doing what the Lord wants me to do not what I want.

Have a great week!

Much Love,

Sister Wynder
Helaman 3:35

I think this must be the D.I. dress . . . 

Bryn and Sister Bowman

Bryn and Sister Golden


Bryn and Sister McClellan

And if you want to watch a little air-drumming/lip syncing from BRYC (Sister McClellan's name is Crystal so I think BRY must be for Bryn and the C is for Crystal) here is a link to one of the videos (it is the shorter of the two she sent) - 

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