Monday, June 12, 2017

Sweet is the Work

Hello Family,
Wow, so many wonderful things have happened this week.
We were on exchanges and Sister Everett was with me in Star Lake. We had a lesson with our new investigator Amy that was taught last year by the sisters. At the beginning of the lesson we taught some of the how to begin teaching points from PMG along with the Holy Ghost principle. It was so neat because after we explained what the Holy Ghost feels like she said a light bulb went off and it made sense. The Holy Ghost is key to conversion and the fact that she is now one step closer is so neat. 
We had a lesson with some other former investigators - a family. On their teaching record it said they had problems with the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith so we were a little worried. When we got there they were so sweet and welcoming. They asked us not to use the Book of Mormon because they didn't want to confuse their kids with the teachings of their church. So it was difficult because we had planned to read the BoM introduction with them. So we focused on Jesus Christ and we shared John 14:26-27. The spirit was so strong in their home - it felt like a members home. They told us we are welcome back and that the kids want to start going to mutual again. 
We had ward coordination with our assistant ward mission leader (Brother Avila) at his house. But his wife wasn't he and his son brought out their couch from the living room for us to sit on on the porch. It was so fun and Brother Avila is a rock star member missionary! 
This transfer Sister McClellan and I have been praying really hard about what we can do to work with the youth. During weekly planning revelation came to do a missionary challenge with the youth. The theme is "Instruments in His Hands" - Alma 17:11 It will start on June 25 and go until August 5. Each week we will announce a new missionary challenge on Sunday for them to work on during the week.
Week 1 - Use social media to share the Gospel
Week 2 - Prepare names for the temple/ index
Week 3 - Invite a friend to FHE or a family dinner
Week 4 - Invite a friend to the "reward" activity
Week 5- Share a Book of Mormon
Week 6 - Invite a friend to church or to meet with the missionaries
At the the end of week 6 we want to have a party with food and games to reward them for sharing the gospel and also for their non-member friends to come too. We are so excited and it was amazing how it all came together. We got the approval from the ward council. We will also be teaching a combined youth lesson at the beginning of July.
This weekend we knocked on a Jehovah Witness' door. She let us in because she thought we were fellow Jehovah Witnesses...about 10 minutes into our conversation she asked me what my first name was. I explained to her why we go by "sister." She asked "You're Jehovah Witness right?" We replied, "No we are Mormons." It was pretty funny that she didn't notice our name tags or the Book of Mormons we were holding. She was a really nice lady though.
We had some crazy weather on Friday. We walked out of a lesson and it was hailing/raining so hard! We ran to our car and we were soaked!!! 
We also knocked into an inactive member from Sandy. He has lived here for 2 years and went inactive when he was a deacon. He is a really nice guy and said that just the other day he was thinking about reading his quad set his mom had given him and then we knocked on his door. His wife isn't a member but she was in California with her mom that has cancer. We left him with our number. He said he wasn't ready to come back to church but he would pick up his Book of Mormon and start reading it.
Earlier this week we met a woman in the parking lot of our complex named Shallu. She is from India and has been here for about 2 months. We invited her to church and gave her our number. Sunday morning we saw that Shallu had called us late at night while we were asleep telling us that she wants to come to church. We were frantically trying to find a member to pick her up, luckily the Nius were able to. She came to church and loved every minute of it. She told us and many of the members how happy she felt. It was so sweet to see how the Holy Ghost had touched her heart. She told us that she wants to "adopt Christianity." We are super excited to teach her. We never know who is prepared but Heavenly Father does and as we go out each day he places us in their path.
I love you all - thank you for your prayers, support,and sacrifices. 
Much Love,
Sister Wynder
Here are some pictures she sent this week - 

The couch on the porch at the ward mission leader's house


MLC (Mission Leadership Council?)

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