Monday, July 10, 2017

Crab Got My Tag

Hi Family,
Last P-day the Hermanas, Sister Peterson, and I went to the Puget Sound! It was so much fun and let's just say I wrestled the crab and got my tag back...
I learned a lot this week. Let's begin . . .
At the beginning of the week I felt like we were going out and working hard but we weren't finding new investigators. It was a little frustrating because I know there are so many prepared people in Star Lake. At interviews this week I talked to President Rasmussen about it. His response was look at the sons of Mosiah! As I studied about them this week it helped me understand my purpose better as a missionary. The sons of Mosiah desired the salvation of the people and served diligently for 14 years spreading the Gospel. As I read about how they served and how much they truly wanted to help others learn about Christ my faith grew! Funny how the scriptures do that :) I love the sons of Mosiah so much and as I was studying it I received the revelation focus on the sons of Mosiah in our youth lesson on Sunday.
The Fourth of July was fun. We had district meeting early and we made an American flag cake. We did some weeding, and had dinner with the Hamptons! President asked that we do studies from 7-9 p.m. So we heard a lot of fireworks from our apartment :)
During MLC (mission leadership council) this week there was a big focus on FINDING! In the new mission president's seminar Elder Andersen gave an amazing talk about finding investigators. As the training went on the Assistants to the President led a discussion - they asked two questions, "what does your baptism mean to you?" and "what does it mean to you to help your investigators be baptized?" We all pondered on those questions and discussed. The spirit was so strong and half the missionaries were crying because we truly know that it means EVERYTHING! There is no greater work than this. This is salvation and we are the ones preaching the gospel in our assigned areas! The spirit taught me how important finding is. 
In D&C 60:7 it teaches about declaring the Gospel and not doubting. I already have been given what to preach (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) so I don't need to worry about what to say. The spirit always guides me how to transition from a "Hello" to teaching about the restored gospel. As I have been applying what I learned from that scripture - "Don't doubt, just declare," I have felt the spirit guide me as I exercise the power and authority of my call, and I am happier! 
I also went on an exchange with Sister Golden! She is the best and I was blessed to served with her for 24 hours. I learned so much from Sister Golden.  We saw so many miracles including teaching an Arabic family who became new investigators for their area. Also there is a young woman in their ward who got her call to Korea and leaves in a month - so she came out with us for a few hours. It was so much fun!  
On Sunday we had the combined lesson with the youth. The youth in this ward are so amazing! We read about the sons of Mosiah and talked about how they truly became "instruments in his hands." The spirit prompted me to share Brooke's conversion story with the youth. As I started to tell them about it my eyes were filled with tears. I couldn't hold them back and I was filled with the spirit. Sister Peterson bore powerful testimony and the spirit was so strong. At the end of the lesson we left time for the youth to bear their testimonies and a lot of them did. The young men just got back from camp Helaman (basically a multi-stake mission prep camp) and some of the young women got back from EFY. They have such strong testimonies! The youth really are so important to missionary work!!! 
This really is a marvelous work and a wonder. 
Much Love, 
Sister Wynder
 Puget Sound

This is apparently the crab that got her tag (it looks to me like she was trying to get a picture and gave her tag to the crab . . . )

Mission Leadership Council

4th of July


My cousin Lisa lives in Federal Way in Bryn's stake (but is moving to Idaho this week) and they went to Bryn's ward on Sunday. Lisa sent me these pictures -

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