Monday, July 24, 2017

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Hi Family, 
Happy 24th of July! 
It has been sunny and hot in Star Lake!  
Last Monday Sister Peterson and I went to the beach and wrote letters - so relaxing! We also had FHE with the Peters. They have 2 students for Taiwan staying with them for 6 weeks so we were taught about faith in the lesson and then played volleyball. They are such a great family!
We also found a new investigator, Jimmy. Please keep Jimmy in your prayers. We really want to help him progress!  He was a potential that we found with Sister Rasmussen.
We also were able to have a lesson with Brother Sione he is the dad of the Samoan family that we also found with Sister Rasmussen. He is so genuine and is really interested in learning more. His wife just had a baby, so give it a week or two and we will be teaching them :) 
This week I studied "The Challenge to Become" by Elder Dallin H. Oaks (thanks mom for sending it). I learned so much from the spirit. Really the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important thing along with our families. It really does challenge us to become who God wants us to be. During the talk the spirit prompted me to "Keep seeking, keep striving, and keep becoming" on my mission and after. We all have the potential to become and that is the purpose of this life. I am so grateful for my mission. I know it's not the mission that changes someone - it is the Atonement of Jesus Christ! However, the mission is what has allowed me to access the enabling power of the Atonement more than I ever thought I would. No experience is like it! 
The youth challenge is going great! We have heard from the youth and a lot of them are anxious to know what the next week's challenge is. They are awesome. They just got back from youth conference. One of the young men in the ward is from Africa and speaks Swahili. At youth conference they were all gathered around the fire and he started playing his guitar and sang "How Great Thou Art" in English and Swahili. All the other youth in the stake joined it. We saw a video of it at church and it gave me goosebumps. The youth are awesome. I remember as a youth I thought the missionaries were pretty cool and now as a missionary I just think the youth are so cool.
This week the challenge is to invite a friend to our combined youth activity on August 2nd! We are going to have water games and pizza + their reward for participating in the youth challenge. It is on the down low right now but the reward is pretty sweet if you ask me. 
There are a lot of families that are hosting Chinese students for a week. So on Sunday we had dinner with all the host families and the Chinese students - probably about 30ish people. The women in charge of the program were there and they made authentic Chinese pot stickers -  AMAZING!!!! It was so cool to meet all the Chinese students. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week! 
Much Love,
Sister Wynder
D&C 100:5-8

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