Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I am taking my Vitamin D . . .

This week was hot and sunny. I think it got up to about 90, but now it is down to 70s again.

Brother Whitman has been out of town a lot this month. However, he is doing better at reading, praying, and coming to church more than his wife that is a member. The three boys are so cute. The mom said they could get baptized!

This week we taught a lady that has been addicted to drugs for about 21 years. I wish g'ma and g'pa could have come to the lesson. The ARPs are in my ward but they were unavailable to come. We have the 12 step book so I looked through that. We had a return appointment set up but she didn't show. 

We got more salsa and jam again from Gramma Conine. 

We are teaching Tim the atheist and he is going to a convention for work and is driving through Utah so I was telling him the places he should stop by...TEMPLE SQUARE! He had never seen or heard about temples before. So he said he would see if they take that route but he might go walk around the square. 

Our investigators are struggling with keeping commitments. We try so many different ways to help them and they just don't want to read anything or come to church. 

Have I told you about Sam? He is a single dad from Puerto Rico. We have taught him a few lessons, but he stands us up every time we schedule a lesson at a members home. That happened again on Saturday. So Sunday we showed up to his house about an hour before church and told him a member was going to pick him up. He said okay I will be ready, But then he didn't answer the door when he came. So we might have to drop him because he hasn't been progressing and we met him the second week I got here. 

So with the three boys we are teaching - this week we taught them about baptism. When were were about to leave I asked Riley when he gets to get baptized 
Riley "when"
Me "when you turn 8" - he turns 8 in October
Riley "Yes"
Tate (10 yr old in other room) "SO I MISSED OUT?" 

I felt bad, but after we explained to him that he can get baptized he was happy about that. It was funny. 


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