Monday, January 2, 2017


Hello Family,

So recap from Christmas: the Zone Leaders got a call from a Brother Hunt saying that he just moved from Indiana to Sumner and wants to be converted to the church. What a Christmas miracle. 

Then on Monday another MIRACLE happened. The Suttles got us CAFE RIO!!!! That was a blessing from above. I literally shed a few tears of pure JOY! 

We had a lesson with Brother Hunt on Tuesday and taught him the Restoration. One of the best lessons I have ever had on my mission. It was so powerful and he set a date to be baptized on January 28th. Then Sister Fuller who came to the lesson invited him to play church ball that night. Brother Fuller is in charge of the sports in the stake. Brother Hunt went and played that night it was awesome - instant fellowship.

Wednesday President Rasmussen called us saying that him and Sister Rasmussen were going to a wedding reception in Sumner and had something they wanted to talk about with us. So we met them at the church and we found out Sister Pope is going home on January 9th. It was so sad to see how heartbroken she was. I know she has done what the Lord has asked her to do. The rest of the week has been pretty hard because I know she doesn't want to leave, but like Nephi she is faithful in doing what he Lord has commanded. 

We had another lesson with Brother Hunt on Thursday - Book of Mormon + church tour with the Suttles. It went so well. We had him read the introduction before the lesson and he did that so we started reading from the beginning and after he told us he read it already. WHO DOES THAT? He is committed to commit! 

We had a lesson with Riley and Tate and brought another 8 year old Treyson that is in the ward for fellowship. We read 3 Nephi 11 and Treyson told Riley about his baptism. It was such a good lesson, like what 8-10 year olds read the Book of Mormon and talk about baptism. It was the cutest lesson!!! 

Also had a lesson with Wesley and he is slowly progressing. He set his baptism date for March 16th! 

Brother Hunt came to church and sat with the Suttles. After church Sister Pope wanted to tell them she was going home so we went over to their house after church and they invited Brother Hunt to stay for lunch and dinner. So we taught the Plan of Salvation and it was so cool. Before we got there Sister Suttle was telling him about the temple and qualifications for baptism so she prepared him for the lesson we didn't even know we were going to have. We didn't have a dinner appointment so Sister Suttle invited us back over for dinner. We read the Book of Mormon and it was great. Brother Hunt is so prepared and I am so grateful for the Suttles. That was a miracle 2 lessons with a member present and both of those were with the same investigator and members! 

Transfers are next week so P-day will be on Tuesday (Brooke's 2-year baptism anniversary). I think I will be staying in Sumner but not sure...

Have a wonderful week, and Happy New Year! Still praying about my  resolution so that is to come next week. 

Much Love,

Sister Wynder

Pictures/video with Cafe Rio


We had to trade cars with the Graham Zone Leaders so we had to switch our "golden plates."

 Happy New Year!!

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