Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Hello Family,

So it has been a crazy week and I only have an hour today so it is going to be super short. Sister Pope left and I have been in a trio with Sister Bowman and Sister Peterson for the past 3 days - I love them. So Sunday night we were at the YSA broadcast and I got a call from the Housing Coordinators for the mission that said I will be leaving and Elders will be coming in.... I WAS FREAKING OUT! Usually if the area is being whitewashed theY call on Saturday but they didn't. So Sister Bowman and Peterson have been so great at helping clean the apartment. The Bonney Lake Elders who whitewashed there 2 transfers ago are now both whitewashing Sumner so they are freaking out too. I am so sad to leave Sumner but I was able to say goodbye to so many of the people I love here. Bishop was so sweet and took us out to lunch yesterday. I was also able to have a lesson with Doug at the Suttles one last night - so grateful for that.

OH I AM GOING TO THE BUCKLEY 1ST WARD WITH SISTER WILKINSON!!!! Buckley is out in the boonies by Mt. Rainier but it is in the stake next to the stake the Sumner ward is in so it isn't too far, and I already know Sister Wilkinson - I love her, she is great!

I am really excited to serve there but I will miss Sumner so much! 

Also this week we were watching the missionary broadcast from last year and the missionary that said the opening prayer was ELDER SANDERS! So many memories came back of Brooke's baptism and it only fits because today is her 2 year mark! Wow! I am so grateful for her and how much it prepared me to serve a full time mission. 

Oh and when I was in Surprise Lake we had dinner with a member and we found out we were related. His name is Brother Sillito and he is from Alberta, Canada. He saw my last name and pulled out his family search app. So that was cool - I had dinner with my cousin. And brother and sister Conine served in Alberta/Allegory and asked who some of my relatives were but I wasn't quite sure so if you can help a missionary out that would be great. 

Love you so much, now off to Buckley! 

Sister Wynder
Here are pictures she took with people from the Sumner ward before she left.

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