Monday, March 27, 2017

Hi Family, 
A lot has happened this week so let's begin... 
We had a lesson with a part member family - the Scotts. Brother Scott is a convert of about a year and his wife isn't a member and is super nice. They are so hilarious! Brother Scott was asking us questions like "Is it true that 3 Elders = 1 Sister?," "Isn't Utah Zion?," "Where are you from? Let me guess - West Jordan!" It was a fun lesson. Sister Scott came to the Relief Society this week. We had a dinner to celebrate the 175th Birthday of Relief Society and Sister Decker from one of the Enumclaw wards spoke. She told us her story about when she was pregnant she got a disease which made her go blind and became an amputee from it. She was inactive at this time in her life and she told us about her recovery after rehab and all the challenges she went through. She also talked about her recovery back to the church and how she learned to pray again and turn to the Savior is such a dark time in her life. It was amazing, the spirit was so strong! 
We were teaching a less active and asked if there was anyone in her neighborhood who could benefit from our message. She told us we could try her neighbor across the street, but didn't think he would be interested. We knocked on his door and he told us he "I am good thanks, I am a Mormon. You know Latter-Day Saint!" Sister Schiess and I looked at each other and said well we are Mormon missionaries. He replied "Well I am a jack Mormon. I am old and I can't afford it." I was trying so hard not to laugh. He said thanks for stopping by and closed the door. After, Sister Schiess and I just started laughing and asked what does he mean by that he can afford it? It was a funny encounter and we are going to go back soon!
After the cake auction we have continued to get cake this week from nonmembers and members. We have been giving the cake to the Elders and when we saw them on Sunday they told us they are on diets now because of all the cake we have given them. Haha it was pretty funny!
We had Zone Conference in SUMNER this week. I almost started to cry when I drove into Sumner. I miss Sumner but I love Buckley too. Zone Conference was great we focused on the Doctrine of Christ, Being a representative of Christ, planning, and the Easter initiative #PrinceofPeace. The video comes out this week on the 31st. I am so excited for Easter! It will be a special time to be a missionary.
I loved the Women's Session of General Conference. The main thing I learned from the spirit is that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I can be made pure. I have been studying a lot about holiness and purity. 
Sunday morning we got a text from Lisa saying that she doesn't want us to come over and that she will call when she is ready. We were really disappointed because she was suppose to get baptized in April. We have been working with her a lot this week. She is going through some things right now that are making it hard for her to commit. We really had to rely on the Savior that everything will work out. We were disappointed but there is always hope. I know the Lord is preparing people in Buckley we just need to find them.
The members are great though. When we were in some members homes this week they told us about the work they are doing to share the gospel and there are a lot of good things on the horizon.
I am so excited for General Conference this week. It really is like Christmas to me.
My testimony of the Savior has grown this week and I know that He lives and loves me.
Sister Wynder 


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