Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sun? What?

Hello Family, 
This week we had Zone Conference! I loved it so much. Our prep assignment was to read Preach My Gospel Ch.11 and prepare a 3 min talk about what we have learned about the Doctrine of Christ from the Book of Mormon challenge. President was going to call on a few people on the spot. I was giving Sister Schiess a hard time telling her that she was going to give her talk...however, President asked me to speak! As I reflected on my study of the Book of Mormon I have really learned the importance of being OBEDIENT to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is the only way to receive true JOY! I shared about how Nephi was always obedient and was able to "live after the manner of happiness" (2 Nephi 5:27) He obeyed out of love and was converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ (2 Nephi 33:15). Last I concluded with one of my favorite scriptures Mosiah 2:41 - as I read it in my study of the BoM this time around I truly felt the confirmation of the spirit that by keeping the commandments and holding out faithful to the end I can receive never-ending happiness! 
We were able to watch the YSA Devotional with Elder Kim B. Clark and I love it. I was really neat that he pulled from the account of the lost 116 pages about how Joseph struggled but that he trusted in the Lord, repented, and accomplished the work the Lord called him to do.
Also this week we got a text from Sister Rasmussen asking if Sister Schiess knew sign language? I guess in Federal Way there is a Spanish speaking deaf investigator that knows American Sign Language and needed a translator! Sister Schiess knows a little bit but good thing we had a lesson with a returning inactive that knows sign language. So after our lesson she taught us and I got to learn some too. Unfortunately, they ended up not needing Sister Schiess to translate this week. But it was cool to learn some sign language.
This weekend we had a crazy rain/thunder/lightening storm. Thank goodness for planning because the Lord blessed us with a busy schedule! We were just going from appointment to appointment and didn't have to be out in the storm much. It is the best feeling to be busy as a missionary!
Luckily after the storm it has been sunny the past couple of days!!!!
I hope you have a great week!
Much Love,
Sister Wynder
P.S. Sorry I didn't send any pictures last week...I am slacking! However, the picture this week is us with a bag full of treats! A family in our ward decided to eat healthier and so they loaded us up with Oreos, ice cream, candy, etc. 

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