Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer in Sumner

Highlights of this week:

There are so many blackberries and produce growing all over the place here. While we are contacting we have been eating a lot of blackberries - you would love them mom. We also met some super nice Lutherans that hooked us up with apples and pears from their trees. I also have been blessed with the love of watermelon! We volunteer at the food bank each week and we have gotten watermelon a few times - I am obsessed! So this week was a produce overload! 

Since we are teaching a lot of kids, we have been doing object lessons. This week we did the "Stacking Cups" - worked great. I am looking forward to whatever you sent to help teaching kids. 

We have been parking our car and walking around more. It is great because we have been able to meet a lot more people. It is starting to feel like fall here - high 60s and rainy. So much for summer but I don't mind because I got my vitamin D! 

This weekend was awesome! We had the Northwest Women's Devotional. It was broadcast from Bellevue. Speaking were the area seventies and the 1st counselors of the Primary, Young Womens, and Relief Society General Presidencies. I was filled with the spirit. So powerful, I loved it. All the talks were wonderful. Elder Murray talked about how his favorite song is the Hokie Pokie and how we need to "put our whole self" in the gospel. The other topics included... being a peacemaker, pressing forward, participating in the work of salvation, and that angels are all around us guiding and helping us. I loved it!!!! 

I took a lot of notes and after the conference I was writing in my journal/reflecting. I had such a strong impression of what things I need to continue when I get home and standards for my future family. I always knew that I wanted to be a mom but my DESIRE to be a mom grew. I know that one of my future responsibilities is to raise children in righteousness. 

I am grateful for you mom as well as both Grandmas and aunts that have been amazing examples and influences in my life. 

Blessings of fast offerings are real. I paid fast offerings at USU but never much before because I lived at home. However since paying fast offerings on my mission I have seen so many blessings. For example, Sister Hollingsworth and I both gave the envelopes to the bishop at the beginning of sacrament and at the end of Relief Society Sister Willits told us that she would like to buy our groceries this week. I love the Willits. They are an awesome missionary family. Her sons are RMs and all of them help teach or are willing to have lessons in their homes - They are great. 

Also this week some hooligans walked across our car while we were at a lesson and left a dent in the hood. It was small but a lady in the neighborhood saw them do it and called the cops and reported it. So we were grateful for her. 

At church yesterday we had our new investigator Isaac, who is 13, come. We didn't think he was going to because he told us he had family stuff so when we saw him walk in Sister Hollingsworth and I got so pumped. He also met the Bishop and the young mens 1st counselor. He told everyone that next week we was going to be there for all 3 hours!!! 
Much Love,

Sister Wynder 

I encourage you to read "AlwaysRemember Him" - by Elder Gong

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