Monday, August 29, 2016

Three Months Down

So this week I felt that I really relied on the Lord. We are teaching a 7th day Adventist and she is so smart. We love her! She has a lot of truth which is good but she is having a hard time with the Book of Mormon. For some reason I was so nervous for her lesson. She has a lot of questions about The Fall and Joseph Smith. We Focused on the Apostasy and the foundation Christ had when he was on the Earth. We were going to bring a picture of the apostles today but I left it in the car and my palms were sweating even more. I prayed so hard during that lesson. We brought a member with us that taught seminary for 23 years - which was great until she brought up that the Sabbath Day is Sunday...At the end of the lesson I bore my testimony on the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. I felt the spirit and I knew that Heavenly Father was using me as a tool in her conversion. I don't know if she will join the church but we are going to continue to teach her. I have faith. 

This week I have been thinking about the temple a lot and I have received the revelation to work in the temple after my mission. I think that will be wonderful and I hope you all can go to the temple regularly.

We had dinner with Sister Dorsey and Sister Adams this week. They are single sisters and we just love them. Sister Dorsey was the one that made us toasted PB&Js. 

We had a lesson with Daniel which went really well. We invited him to be baptized on Oct. 1 - However, he is moving back to Nebraska soon but we told him that missionaries are everywhere. He has a wife and 2 kids that live in Mexico and he told them that he was going to share with them the things we have been teaching. He also came to church on Sunday and he really enjoyed it. 

Church was great. I really enjoy relief society (so tell Becky Clark thanks for making me go before I left). Angela Wheeler's friend taught the lesson on the talk Do I Believe? by Bonnie Oscarson. IT WAS AMAZING. I felt the spirit so strongly and I was humbled. The Atonement is real and it works. 

We also got more salsa this week and a member gave us a cute little personal sized watermelon! It was delicious. 

Have a wonderful week. Love you so much. Families are FOREVER!
Much Love,
Sister Wynder 

And here are a few pictures . . . . 

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