Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Things are heating up!

Yello Family,

So this week has been pretty toasty. It has reached about 90 degrees this week and there is no AC in Washington...good thing we have fans and our car has AC. 

We had Zone Conference on Wednesday! It was so great! During the conference President Rasmussen started by handing out Safe Guard for Technology booklets...We were starting to get excited and President just said don't get your hopes up because I am just going to crush them! We aren't getting iPads and he doesn't know when that will happen. But the booklet is wonderful and is a great tool to know how to use technology for good and not becoming addicted to it. He also gave the analogy about a toddler and a staircase. "If we put the gate up the child will be protected from the stairs. However, what happens when the gate isn't there and the child doesn't know how to go up or down the stairs? They will fall." He wants to focus on teaching us how to use technology now so then when we go home we won't fall back in to old habits or be addicted and misuse technology. He also used that analogy with Elders and Sisters relationships. 
He told us to study the Beware of Pride talk by President Benson. I was grateful grandma sent me the church news on the mission president seminar because the main thing President talked about was Teaching Repentance and we watched Bishop Waddell's talk.
A family in the ward made Cafe Rio this week! They told me that they went to the grand opening in Kent so I am so pumped that there are 2 now! Hopefully the odds will be in my favor! 

So on Wednesday night after daily planning we got a text from Sister Willits saying they were at our door to drop some groceries off. They sure did! I have never seen so much food for two people before. We couldn't thank them enough. Sister Hollingsworth and I won't have to go to the store for the rest of the transfer due to the Amazon pantry box and the Willits supply. 

I also went on exchanges this week to South Hill. The Sister I was with is going home at the end of the transfer. Towards the end of the exchange we were turning into the church and she hit a small pole that we didn't see. It was rough for her because she had never gotten into an accident before and this was going to be her last day driving because her companion is driving the rest of the transfer because she will be taking over the area. I felt so bad for her but we called the mission office and Elder Young that is in charge of the cars just laughed and said we will get it taken care of. 

TIM WENT TO TEMPLE SQUARE!!! He took a lot of pictures and went to the visitors center. He told us that he didn't feel the spirit! Don't know if that is true or not but he said that everyone he talked to on the square said that they knew the Book of Mormon was true. We talked about it with him and told him about General Conference and gave him President Monson's talk to look up. When we said a prayer at the end of the lesson he said he was speechless and Sister Hollingsworth and I knew he felt the spirit. He says he still doesn't believe in God but his heart is softening. 
Isaac came to church and stayed all 3 hours, Brother Whitman came. The Whitmans are moving so we have been helping organize and pack. We also are still reading the Book of Mormon with them. Cody was at church also. He is having a hard time so we are focusing on loving him and his mom and helping them read and pray. 

Also will you tell Elizabeth (our cousin) thank you for the letter! I also got G'ma's package so thank you. We haven't gotten to use the kid stuff you sent but we will this week - Tate, Riley, and Isaac were out of town but they are back now. 

At choir practice today Sister Roberts who left the MTC for medical reasons was there. She came back out this transfer. Sister Tayco was also there so it was a little reunion. I love those Sisters! 

This week I have been studying the talk What If Love Were Our Only Motive by Russell T. Osguthrope - I LOVE IT!!! 

Tell Elder Wynder I love him and am happy he is home! I love and pray for you all. Thank you for everything! 

Much Love,
Sister Wynder 

Here are some pictures - she sent some of these last week and I somehow missed them in between a couple of e-mails.

Sister Wynder, Sister Roberts, Sister Tayco

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