Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ambitious for Christ


This week...

Tuesday we had a special training by President and Sister Rasmussen on the new standard of excellence for the mission. The yearly goal is to have 444 baptisms - I really want to see a baptism and this week with the help of yours and Brooke's emails, the zone leaders, and President Rasmussen I have learned that I can't violate others agency but that I can't let others agency effect my agency. A lot of the missionaries in the mission have been struggling though. When the Standard of Excellence came out Satan has been attacking hard with discouragement. President and Sister Rasmussen just keep saying that "Satan does not have power over you." We also had interviews with President Rasmussen this week and that was really great.

We didn't have a lot of lessons this week but I am so grateful for the members in the Sumner Ward. I feel so much love from them. On Saturday morning we got a text from a family we had dinner with last week saying we have cinnamon rolls if you don't have a place to go for conference. We can't watch conference with members unless there is an investigator. However, we took over some of those conference doodle notebooks to their two kids and they were excited about those. On Sunday morning we got a picture from a member that we had dinner with this week. Our phone can't get pictures and when we told him (the dad) he replied "not even Snapchat? lol" It was funny he told us that his wife was making butterscotch rolls and they would be ready in 10 min. Again we couldn't go over. He told us "well then, bring an investigator!" But none of our investigators responded to us about conference. 

We watched both sessions/days of conference at the stake center with all the missionaries in the zone. I LOVED CONFERENCE!!!! Saturday Session was straight FIRE!!!! I loved the missionary focus. I am so grateful for Neil L. Anderson (worked on a dairy) - he said "With our mortal eyes we cannot judge the effects of our efforts." Elder Christofferson's talk was powerful. I also loved Elders Oaks, Hales, Uceda, Yamashita, Rasband, and Nattress. Elder Nattress' talk was so powerful about his mom and the Book of Mormon. Elder Hales talk reminded me that it is comforting to know that everyone on earth chose Christ before even if they are stumbling off the path or are not on the path now. I felt like Heavenly Father was telling me to not give up on my investigators because they have all chosen Christ before. So grateful for the Prophet Thomas S. Monson and the Apostles, I loved the messages we heard and am excited to act on those messages now.

Much Love,
Sister Wynder

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