Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall is Here

Yello Family,

So this week Sister Pope was sick and we were inside basically the whole week. I was going a little stir crazy. I updated the area book, did phone work, cleaned the apartment, wrote in my journal, and studied talks and the Book of Mormon. I felt like I wasn't being productive but with the help of the zone leaders I realized that I was doing all that I could with the situation we were in. We went on exchanges on Friday with Sister Hollingsworth and Bowman. Sister H stayed at our apartment with Sister Pope, and Sister Bowman and I worked in Sumner. I love Sister Bowman she was in the MTC with me even though I didn't really know her until we got out in the field.

When we met with the bishop this week we discussed our investigators and he asked if we should continue teaching them if they aren't progressing or drop them. Sister Pope and I both received the prompting to drop them. We had an expectation lesson with our investigators to see who is still willing to learn...We basically cleared our teaching pool. It is okay because I would rather have 1 investigator that is really progressing than 8 that are just chilling in limbo. We just need to find that investigator. Something our district leader suggested is to write down and keep track of houses that are for sale and then knock on them when people move in. It will take time before people move in but we have about 25 houses in our area that are for sale that we have counted.

Funny Story:

On Sunday about 20 minutes before church started we got a text from a less-active in the ward - our conversation:

LA - "I know church is starting soon but can you get an announcement out for us?"
us - "what is the announcement?"
LA - "We need as many guys as possible to help catch a pig!"

It was so random. Apparently they got a pig about 2 weeks ago and it escaped and they hadn't found it and it had been about 5 days. So we asked them to announce it in Elders Quorum... We were in young women during the third hour and two of the YW leader's husbands came in asking for the car keys because they needed to go catch a pig! I was dying of laughter. The leaders were so confused and we had to tell them it was a real deal. The pig situation is now taken care of.

Last night we went to a members for FHE and we had a bonfire with smores while we had a lesson on testimonies (I used the testimony glove). It was so much fun and the only thing missing was my hammock.

So that is it for the week. Just on the search to find prepared people! Also so crazy that it is the last week of the transfer - I have a feeling I might be getting transferred but not sure.

Much Love,

Sister Wynder  

P.S. Today we are going to go to the pumpkin patch!!! It isn't as great as the Red Barn but it is pretty adorable.

Bryn dropped her camera and now it isn't working so she didn't send any pictures this week (we are getting a replacement camera to her ASAP), but they have started a new mission blog and there were a couple of pictures of Bryn's zone on the blog so I will put those here so there are at least a couple of pictures this week.

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