Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Highlights of this week...

1. We had FHE with a recent convert and her husband is now interested in taking the lessons so we watched the Restoration video and it was great

2. The ward had a Fall Festival + Trunk or Treat! So much fun. They had games and a costume parade with treats first and then the trunk or treat. There were so many people it was awesome. Brother and Sister Pierce that had us over for FHE with s'mores a few weeks ago were in charge of face paint. Brother Pierce painted the golden plates on my face!

3. We were going to have a lesson with the Walkers in the ward and they responded back and asked if we wanted to carve pumpkins with them too. We said heck yes! I was so excited I got to carve Pumpkin Pete! I love the Walkers they are a hoot.

4. Bro. Whitman is still on track for baptism. We had a lesson with him on Thursday. Saturday was the last day he could have coffee or cigars because the mission rule is they need to be clean 3 weeks prior to the baptism. So Saturday night he smokes his last cigar and drank his last cup of coffee and now he is done. I am so proud of him. Sunday night we went over and gave him his baptism calendar! We are thinking his baptism is going to be like Brooke's and it will need to be in the chapel.

5. Sister Pope and I really connected this week. She opened up to me and we are able to work a lot better now. I am so grateful for her.

6. We helped a family in the ward move -  the Chadwicks - and they are great. They are moving to Orting and that is where Elder Duncan is serving and so we made sure they helped them move in.

7. We taught a lesson to the youth at church along with Brother Suttle (WML) and another ward missionary. It went really well - we taught about the success of an invitation and the power of caring.

8. We had dinner with some great families this week, like always, and taught lessons to some less actives.

I am so excited for tonight...the ZONE ACTIVITY!!! We are going to play volleyball, basketball, four square, and make caramel apples.

Also last p-day Sister Pope found some awesome videos. On if you see the picture will Dallin H. Oaks and click on the article, scroll to the bottom and you will see 7 new videos! I LOVE THEM!!!!

Have a great week!


Sister Wynder

Pete the Pumpkin

The Golden Plates

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