Monday, October 24, 2016


Hello Family,

This weekend was unforgettable! Elder Rasband, Elder L. Whitney Clayton, Bishop Waddell, and Elder Call visited the mission. 

When they walked into the room, we all stood, they walked into the front of the room and all the missionaries lined up to shake their hands. I am now one handshake away from the prophet! President and Sister Rasmussen spoke first and bore their testimonies. Elder Call spoke about how the struggles missionaries go through to gain a true testimony is a privilege. Sister Call bore testimony and focused on the scripture John 14:27.

Bishop Waddell taught about the difference between SERVING a mission and GOING on a mission. He also used the parable taught in Matthew 25:35-45 about serving outward as the Savior would. Reminded me of Elder Bednar's talk called "Character of Christ." 

Elder Clayton taught about the Book of Mormon and how it is proof of the truth. He went through the Introduction: Last two paragraphs of the Book of Mormon. He said that if the formula to know if the Book of Mormon is true is followed the evidence will be given. 

Elder Rasband taught a lot about the key holders in the beginning. He explained how the Savior holds all the keys not even President Monson has all of them. He transitioned into the talk he asked us to read in preparation to the training. It was one of his talks titled "The Divine Call of a Missionary" he answered some questions and it was really cool to read and hear from him about his experience with assigning missionaries. He told us that he will be assigning 300 missionaries on Wednesday. Now there are 78,000 missionaries serving right now. He also talked about how President Monson calls missionaries, The twelve apostles assign missionaries, and the mission president continues to assign missionaries to the specific areas. He also told us to NEVER whine about assignments, areas, or companions, but ask Heavenly Father "what can I learn?" Lastly he taught about OBEDIENCE! The best way to correct obedience is to focus on the life of Jesus Christ. One of my favorite quotes he said was "The more you learn about Him, the more you will know Him. The more you know Him, the more you love Him. The more you love Him, the more you serve Him." As he was saying this everyone was writing down what he was saying but my eyes were locked on Elder Rasband - I think I was one of the only missionaries that had their head up. He looked right at me as he finished saying those words. Lastly, he said "The leaders of the Church are no strangers to HIS voice." The spirit just hit me when he said that. 

I know that these men are called of God and that Elder Rasband is truly an Apostle of the Lord. 

I also realized I need to read the Doctrine and Covenants more all of them referred to and read scriptures from D&C - so many promises and blessings of missionary work! 

On Sunday we had a special Stake Conference with Bishop Waddell, The stake patriarch, and the Seattle Temple Preisdent and the Matron. It was so powerful. 

Brother Whitman is still on date for baptism! We went over to his house after the stake conference. He had shoulder surgery this week and so he wasn't able to go to the conference because he was so loopy from pain medication - which was hilarious. 

We did have more cancellations with Taylor and Joyce but it is okay that is just part of missionary work. 

Love you so much,

Sister Wynder

The Washington Federal Way mission wtih Elder Rasband and other general authorities (Bryn is on the second row to the right of the center of the picture)

 Ready for the meeting with Elder Rasband!

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